We are an All-Breed Club that was founded back in 2003 and that is affiliated to TICA – The International Cat Association. TICA,is the world’s largest international registering body for pedigreed cats. The organization is based in Texas, US and they set up the international rules and standards for all breeding and cat shows all over the globe. We are an alternative for all breeders in the UK that works as a domestic registering body, to simplify the process. Our standards works all over the British islands and in many other domestic markets. Please red more at The International Cat Association.


Cats are the most popular pet type in the UK today and that is why we care a little extra about them. This website and organization is dedicated for all of you breeding cats but also for you who have a general interest and are looking for information about this lovely animal. We have all seen clips of funny cats on Youtube and many of us have at least one of them at home. Cats can be grumpy and selfish but also very loveable and cosy when they are in the right mood. Being a cat lover can sometimes be tough but in Cattica we are all gathered as one strong and unique group and community in order to give each other support and advice on how to live with our favourite animals.


Browse the website for more information about cats and the organization. You will also be able to find news and articles about music, games and other cat related things that are relevant for the cat loving community all around the UK today.  You can find us Upper Norwood in London where you can visit us at any given time if you have questions. You can also find other ways to contact us on our “About Us” page on the cattica.co.uk website or read more here.