Cat or Felis Catus as it’s known as in latin is a small and furry animal. They are many times kept as pets either indoor or outdoor and are well known and valued for being a good friend and companion for humans. Typical attributes for cats are strength, flexibility and quick reflexes. They are also known for their playfulness and fluctuation of mode.


Outdoor cats can stay active all day, even though they many times are known for being more active at night. For indoor cats, it mostly goes the other way around with them adapting their day after their owners. Most cats spend the time outside close to their homes but some of them cover more ground- Some studies have shown that outdoor cats that have a home still can be ranging from 10-22 hectares, which equals approximately 23 to 60 acres.


Domestic cats in general and kittens in particular loves playing and many times their style of play is similar to the hunting process their ancestors were used to in the wild life. The playing is very important to younger cats and kittens in order to develop their natural skills such as strength and flexibility.


Here are some 5 fun facts about cats:

  • They have 30 teeth altogether, which is 12 less than dogs.
  • There are more left-pawed cats than right-pawed, which is opposite to humans.
  • They can see seven times better than humans in the dark thanks to the reflective layer in their eyes.
  • Cats care more about the texture and the smell of the food rather than the actual taste of it.
  • The cat’s superior mobility and flexibility is a lot thanks to their 32 muscles located in their ear, which is three times more than humans. This does not only make them hear better but also sharpens their reflexes and flexibility considerably.