Cartoonists regularly create cat characters that have human traits. Cats have appeared in animation since the early days of the medium. Over the years a number of them have attained a high level of fame.


Created by Jim Davis during the early 1970s, Garfield first appeared in comic strip form. This grumpy ginger feline was later voiced by Scott Beach in an animated cartoon series. Bill Murray also portrayed Garfield in two live-action films. Garfield has also started in a famous New Zeeland pokie game, which has risen in popularity. The Garfield newspaper cartoon is now the most successful syndicated comic strip of all time.


Felix has been around since the silent film era. He was one of the first cartoon animal characters to become significantly popular. Short films featuring him drew audiences, allowing the animation to be taken seriously as a lucrative form of entertainment. Felix is often shown getting into surreal and humorous situations.

Puss In Boots

This fairy tale character can be traced back to the 16th century. He reached an international movie-going audience in the 21st century thanks to the Shrek series. This version of Puss is voiced by Antonio Banderas and is a fearless, sword-wielding adventurer.


Ren and Stimpy is an anarchic comedy cartoon about two friends who live together. Ren is a psychotic and unhinged Chihuahua, whereas Stimpy is a kind-natured but dimwitted Manx cat. Stimpy usually does his best to make his long-suffering friend feel better, but this tends to end in disaster.

Top Cat

Hanna-Barbera Studios created the series Top Cat in 1961. It follows the titular feline and his gang of cat friends. In most episodes, Top Cat uses his charisma to trick human characters. A beat cop called Officer Dibble is his most frequent target. During the 2010s two animated films were released. These were Top Cat: The Movie and Top Cat Begins.