Cats, originally written by the famous Andrew Lloyd Weber is one of the most popular musicals all over the world. It is based on some of the poems from the Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, written by T.S. Ellior. It has been featured in several productions during the years and in 2016 it still shows on Broadway as well as on an International Tour.

In 1983 it won the Tony Awards for best musical. It has got to different acts that both features a lot of singing and dancing numbers with actors dressed as cats. The protagonist is a black and white tom cat called Alonzo who has got a number of friends and enemies including Gus, Bombalurina and Bustopher Jones. The musical has featured several famous actors, actresses and singers, most notably English singer Leona Lewis.



Being a very popular cartoon character for years, in 2004 the lazy cat Garfield entered the world of film with Garfield – The Movie. Starring famous actors such as Bill Murray and Jennifer Love Hewitt the film based on Jim Davis’s comic books became a big box office success raking home in excess of 200 million USD.

Another popular cat like figure is Halle Berry’s superwoman-esque character Cat Women. The movie, starring Sharon Stone and Benjamin Bratt was based on the Marvel Comic book with the same name but despite the cat. Other popular animals in movies include dogs and fish. Read more about Finding Nemo and other popular movies including fishes on



Cats have been a popular animal to put in regular video games as well as online casino games. There have been rumours going on at for months now that the online slots provider NetEnt are planning to launch an online casino videoslots based on the musical Cats including many of the main characters played by various cats of different breeds. On you can follow all the casino news in UK including the ones of Cats-the online casino game, which is due to be released before the end of 2016.