Founded in 2003 and a member of TICA – The International Cat Association Cattica UK is one of the most prolific cat associations in UK and in the rest of the World. The organisation is not only to support cat owners in their everyday life but also to help cats that have ended up on the streets of United Kingdom. Together with these other organisations Cattica arrange events and fundraisers for this cause.


Cattica have set a UK standard for pedigreed cats and holds a registry of household pet cats and kittens, much like TICA does internationally. The benefits from having this local organization is to be able to adjust more to the British laws and rules and to be able to meet the needs of the local market. TICA todays recognize 63 breeds whereas we do accept 82 different breeds into our organization. This is due to some breeds being unique for the UK and that some breeds that TICA suggest are mixed, we have a different view on.


We organize fund raisers regularly across our country where all the profit goes to help homeless cats to find an owner, a new home or simply something to eat. Examples of cities where we have hosted these events over recent years are Bristol, Manchester, London, Edinburgh and Glasgow. We have also second hand stores that do give away their profit to help the same causes.


The idea with the website is to build a strong community for cat owners spread all over the British Islands in order to cover all topics regarding cats including how to take care advice, information about different breeds and some information about cats that figure in popular culture. Cats are a very common point of discussion but many people today don’t know enough about how to take care of them today.