It is important to know several things before buying a cat. When looking for a kitten from breeders, the buyer should ensure it has been properly cared for. A healthy kitten will be alert and social. Bright eyes are a useful sign to look out for.

If the cat has been removed from its mother before its 8th week, this is a bad sign. They may have behavioural problems as a result. The potential adverse health of breeder cats has led many people to adopt instead. Buying a rehomed animal is also more economical as the pet will have been microchipped, wormed, vaccinated and neutered.


The RSPCA has published a useful checklist to help people when they buy a kitten. It arms them with enough tips to hopefully avoid irresponsible breeders. Considering the following factors will make buyers aware of the cat’s health, behaviour and domesticity:

  • The kitten’s date of birth
  • Whether or not it has been raised by its mother
  • How friendly and healthy the cat seems overall
  • The location of the kittens birth and where it spent its first nine weeks
  • How healthy the mother is and how the kitten interacts with her
  • The cleanliness level of the kitten’s environment
  • The number of other cats and litters in the home
  • How nervous the kitten is in front of humans

Adoption over Breeders

The RSPCA also recommends that people adopt instead of buying a kitten. Adoption centres in the UK tend to be full. The main advantage of adopting is that the kitten will have been looked at by a vet beforehand.

It is also a rewarding experience to give rehomed animals a second chance. In the news recently, there have been stories of breeder pets having hidden health issues. This can be prevented by choosing adoption instead.